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              Weichert Title Group was founded in 1992, as Weichert sought to offer its clientele a more seamless real estate transaction with the All Under One Roof Program.  Jim Weichert, a titan in real estate, wanted to be sure the legendary service people are accustomed to when purchasing or selling a home with Weichert Realtors did not end at the execution of the contract of sale.  Weichert Title Group was founded on a foundation of strong customer care, attention to detail and is backed by the largest underwriter in the nation. 

              Since it’s inception, Weichert Title Group has insured billions of dollars of real estate, is the largest title agent in New Jersey, and also holds licenses in other states along the east coast.  When you work with Weichert, you are working with a team of title experts who are dedicated to making sure everything from searches to settlement to the issuance of the title policy is done in a timely manner.  At Weichert Title we strive to provide personalized service and the highest level of professionalism.  The difference with Weichert Title Group is that we stand behind our Weichert Realtors and ensure that their clients are served at the highest level.

              The purchase of a home is often the single largest investment a person will make in a lifetime; therefore, the importance of fully protecting such an investment cannot be overstated.  Title insurance is protection which assures that the rights and interests to the property are as expected, that the transfer of ownership is completed correctly, and that the new owner receives protection from future claims against the property.  It is the most effective, most accepted and least expensive way to protect property ownership rights. 

              With other types of casualty insurance such as auto, home, health, and life, a person thinks of insurance in terms of future loss due to the occurrence of some future event.  Title insurance provides coverage for future claims or losses due to title effects which are created by some past events, prior to the acquisition of the property.  Most other types of insurance charges ongoing fees.  With title insurance, the original premium is the only cost paid during the entire ownership of the property, whether it is owned by the insured for 5 years or 30 years.   There are no annual payments to keep the policy in force. 

             Title insurance protects the property owner and the mortgage company from hidden risks, which could provide a basis for a claim after the property has been purchased.  Before closing on the property, the title company will work to eliminate any risks and prevent losses caused by defects in title such as existing liens, unpaid mortgages or recording errors.  There are also hidden risks.  A hidden risk is those matters, rights or claims that are not shown by the public records, and therefore, are not discoverable by a search or examination of the public records.  Matters such as forgery, incompetency or incapacity of the parties, fraudulent impersonation, and unknown errors in the records are examples of hidden risks which could provide a basis for a claim after the property has been purchased. 

             If a claim is made against the policy holder, the title company protects the insured by:

                1. Defending the title in court, if necessary, at no cost to owner/lender, and             

                2. Bearing the cost of settling the claim, if it proves valid, in order to protect your title and ensure you maintain                                possession of the property. 


          Each policy is a contract of “indemnity.”  It agrees to assume the responsibility for the legal defense of the title for any defect covered under the policy’s terms and to reimburse for actual financial losses up to the policy limits. 



      “Risk comes from not knowing what you are doing.” -Warren Buffet

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